About Us

The Ten James agency is young, vibrant and all about female empowerment. Ten James, who is women's advocate and branding specialist dedicates his time and effort to building one of the hottest all female branding agencies in the country. Since conception in 2016 the agency has worked with some of the top branding talent in the country. In 2017 we are looking to take the agency to a whole new level with the addition of our new "Ten James Modeling".

While specializing in three service components, branding, entrepreneurship and modeling, the agency looks to add a very sexy yet tasteful flavor to the marketing industry. Leveraging an audience of over two million people, we are able to move quickly to gain exposure for our brands and models faster than most competition. Women. Business and Brands.

  • Branding
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Modeling


Partnering with some of the most popular brands in the country to promote their products, the Ten James Agency is the new kid on the block making big noise for its elaborate Branding/ Sponsorship Campaigns.

While focusing on female branding, Ten James Agency plays the part of connecting beautiful, smart and talented women to big business. We are taking a new approach to how women and branding work together.


Ten James female entrepreneurs are not your average women. Not defined by their beauty, our entrepreneurs are some of the most tenacious, intelligent and business savvy women in the country.

Working with women from every background and ethnicity, we choose to focus on three pillars of product success. Ideas, Creation and Distribution. We are not an investor group we actually look to partner with our entrepreneurs and help bring the most success to the product or service.


Once signed to the Ten James Agency Aspiring models/ Career models both gain access to the top modeling exposure in the country. Everything from photoshoots with the top makeup/fashion brands in America to building your modeling portfolio to be branded to an audience of over 2 million people.

You will also get access to work alongside some of the fresh new talent taking over the internet. Soon to be yourself.

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